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Children’s Arts and Culture Network

Important work for children and children’s culture

The members of the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centres are the 36 cultural centres for children. The centres cooperate nationally by circulating exhibitions and art workshops, by exchanging performances and methods, and by engaging in joint initiatives. The local centres are listed on the map by province and appear when highlighting the province with the cursor.

In their regions, the centres work in close cooperation with various municipal sectors such as early education, schools and NGOs. Accessibility is the central principle and goal guiding the operations of the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centres and its member centres. The centres bring accessible art education into the daily lives of as many children and adolescents as possible and increase their wellbeing through arts and culture.

The members of The Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centres are professional cultural centres serving children and young people. They champion the Association’s cause and commit to implementing its action plan. Members have the right to attend, and vote in, the Association’s statutory meetings and its joint initiatives. Our members, local and regional operators, are centres of excellence in arts and culture for children and young people. Many of them are also seeking international partners and contacts. You can find the list of members seeking international cooperation on the international cooperation page.

Click on the map to see the specialism of each centre and those centres seeking international projects

Photo: Visual artist and art school teacher Tiina Valkeapää teaching at a low-threshold art workshop for Ukrainian and other immigrant children and young people organised by Villa Arttu in Hyvinkää. Photographer: Valtti Koivunen

Children’s Cultural Centers

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