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Contact information

Main office

Street and postal address:
Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centres
Culture House Laikku, Keskustori 4
FIN-33100 Tampere, FINLAND


Aleksi Valta
Director: Membership issues, projects, cooperation
+358 40 820 5425
aleksi.valta (at)

Ninni Pehkonen
Coordinator: International Children’s Culture Forum
+358 40 800 7296
ninni.pehkonen (at)

Hanna Nordström
Communication coordinator:, communication, information, marketing
+358 44 368 1824
hanna.nordstrom (at)

Elina Jokinen
Executive secretary: Economy
+358 44 732 5376
elina.jokinen (at)

Art Testers project

Joonas Keskinen
Art Testers project manager
Office: Culture House Laikku, Tampere, Finland

+358 44 978 4893
joonas.keskinen (at)

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