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Who is here? A meeting point

WHO IS HERE? A meeting point

We want to encourage your free networking and make the ideas of everyone seen and heard. That in mind we organize a meeting point for all the participants of the forum. With this form you can submit your contact information and a brief introduction.

You can also inform us about of a method, study, workshop, endeavor, organization or collaboration ideas etc. that you wish to bring to the meeting point.

Please submit your contact information, keywords of your interests and an introduction of yourself in one sentence. Please fill in the fields that you wish to be shared with others (phone number, email, organization, city, country).


IMPORTANT! Please note that by submitting this form you give the organizers your permission to add your contact information (name, organization, city, country, phone number and email) to a contact list, which we will print out and place in to the meeting point, close to the brochures and material. Your contact information is visible to all participants in the forum and they can contact you. The list of contact information will not be distributed anywhere after the forum.

On the list you will see the introductions and keywords of others as well. Based on your interests, you may contact the people you wish to collaborate with and maybe arrange a meeting already at the venue.

You may bring with you one (1) copy of a brochure, information letter or business card to be displayed at the meeting point.

Due to lack of space we do not advice to bring posters.

At the meeting point we advice the participants to take a picture the material they are interested in. Others can find your pre-informed contact information in our listing that is visible at the meeting point on Monday at Tampere Hall and on Tuesday at Tampere Comedy Theatre.

If you have further questions, please contact

Anna-Kaisa Vuorinen
Project assistant
+35841 730 0124

Please note that you can take your material with you at the end of our Forum on Tuesday to be used again. We encourage a sustainable way of marketing.

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