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Activities for families

Activities for families

Activities geared towards families are among the most multi-faceted cultural services for children. They include, for instance, workshops, weekly art groups and clubs, art cafés, theme weeks with programme, art camps and events arranged at the cultural centres for children. These activities are meant for all families and family members, including grandparents, other relations, godparents and friends, and take place around the year, nearly all over Finland.

The child participates in family activities together with his/her family member/s in his/her leisure time, as opposed to activities arranged via the school or kindergarten. Family activities often focus on the perspectives of togetherness, early support and preventive measures. Listening to the wishes and proposals brought forth by families is central in all the activities. The activities present methods and contents in different art fields.

Family circus is a social circus group that has operated at the PiiPoo cultural centre since 2007. The activities are participated by children and young people with special needs or serious handicaps, their siblings and parents. www.kulttuuripiipoo.fi Photo by Markus Perko
The Annantalo arts centre runs an art advice service that encourages at-home parents and children in Helsinki to take part in and experience arts together. The activities also provide information and ideas on how to provide space and time for children to meet the arts in everyday life. www.annantalo.fi. Photo by Mauri Tahvonen.
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