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Creative Europe

Creative Europe

The European Commission’s framework programme Creative Europe 2014–2020 supports cooperation and activities in audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors across Europe.

The Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers is drafting a two-year European cooperation project for the Creative Europe applications round in 2018, focusing on building up a network of actors in children’s culture across Europe. For the application in 2018, we are searching for highly motivated and committed partners in building up European cooperation. We seek as partners strong actors in their respective country’s cultural fields for child and youth culture, research organisations in arts and culture (e.g. universities) as well as public bodies engaged in the promotion of children’s culture. The partners need to commit themselves for the entire project time in promoting the networking of children’s cultural actors, making professionalism and expertise in the field more widely known and sharing the practices of children’s cultural activities in and outside the project network. The partner has to be engaged in one of the programme countries of Creative Europe. Each project partners must cover a large geographical area and have a strong social network in their respective countries.

For inquiries concerning this search for project partners, contact the Association’s managing director Pilvi Kuitu.

Read more about the Creative Europe programme here.

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