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The themes and works of art in exhibitions at the cultural centres for children are selected on the basis of their intended target group. The exhibitions are designed and the works of art selected by professionals, e.g. artists, illustrators, art educators and those professionally engaged in upbringing. The works of art can be made by children and adolescents, too. In the exhibitions, art is experienced through several senses. For instance, there may be separate facilities where art is brought closer to the viewer’s world by feeding his/her imagination in different ways. In the gallery premises, the works of art are often hung and presented so that it is easy even for the youngest art-lovers to study them. Although it is not allowed to touch all the works of arts, the materials are usually selected so that they do not suffer from touching.

The world of the exhibitions is often opened and explained for the children in guided tours involving several senses. The guides are artists and art educators, for instance, and they help the children in diving into the world of the works of art by tasks, puzzles, questions and other materials derived from the art form in question. The exhibitions are supplemented with literature, poetry or workshops which present various styles of visual arts or engage the participants in handicrafts. Art exhibitions are held, among others, in the galleries of cultural centres for children, in museums, libraries, kindergartens and schools.

Artist Alexander Reichstein’s exhibition Mutatis Mutandis delighted visitors to Helsinki at Annantalo in 2013. Elements of the exhibition, such as gigantic noses, snouts, hands, feet and paws could be joined to create completely new artwork. Photo by Mauri Tahvonen
The children and young people’s art centre maintains the Villa Arttu gallery and exhibition space for children and young people. Salla Savolainen and Reetta Niemelä’s art exhibition Tikkumäen talli (Tikkumäki stable) was a horse and riding stable themed exhibition. The art centre organises 3-4 exhibitions per year. Photo by Anu Haikonen
Hipaisu, sively, tönäisy (touching, caressing, bumping) is an exhibition of the different levels and dimensions of touch. In the works, the various levels of touching are concretised. In the picture, Veijo Setälä’s work The Last Dolphin, 2014. Photo by Päivi Setälä
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