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Project cooperation with Finnish children’s culture

Project cooperation with Finnish children’s culture

International projects and networks are of high interest to the Association and many of its members, children’s cultural centres. If you have a suggestion for a project or cooperation initiative with the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers please contact us at info@lastenkulttuuri.fi

Our members, local and regional operators, are centres of excellence in children and youth culture. Many of them are also looking for international partners and contacts.

All children’s cultural centres are unique and they have different specialization, such as multi-arts, media education, children’s theatre, environmental education, handicrafts, museum pedagogy, visual arts, color bath baby activity, child health clinic cooperation, exhibitions, public art, circus, time travel concept, to mention but a few.

Centres who are interested in international projects

Check out more about the centres and what are they specializes in (map).

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