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The programme of cultural festivals for children consists of music, theatre, dance, circus, literary art, visual arts, craft art and, naturally, children’s own works of art. The festivals strive at offering several opportunities to experience culture and art at the same time. There are often also workshops during the festivals, giving the chance to experience different art-based methods. Works of art by children are a central part of the programme. Children often participate in the workshops together with their parent/s and it is, indeed, the goal of festivals to offer the entire family cultural activities which they can enjoy together.

These festivals present both classical and modern forms of art. Typically, they put on stage experimental dance, theatre and circus. The programme often includes performances by foreign artists. The festivals may have a theme that varies from year to year.

Children’s music band Päistikka lift up everyone’s spirits in Hippalot Arts Festival for Children in 2015. Hippalot is the oldest multidisciplinary art festival for children in Finland. www.hippalot.fi. Photo by Pekka Rautiainen
Vasikkasavut is a traditional event for children in Lapinlahti. At this family event, children can have a go at handicrafts, play old-fashioned games, pat domestic animals and taste the traditional summer delicacies of the upper Savo region.
The hard work of local school bands is rewarded with performances at the Pikkuprovinssi rock event at the Rytmikorjaamo big stage in Seinäjoki. Photo by Janne Viitamäki
During the Enchanted Words children and young people’s spoken word weeks, literary events, workshops and training events are organised, authors are met and texts written by children and young people are published. www.lumotutsanat.fi
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