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The Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers has published its aims for the government program 2019–2023

The Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers has composed three aims towards better politics in children’s culture and three means to implement them in Finland’s government program 2019–2023.

A summary in English:

1) Childhood is not a project – towards sustainable structures

During the government’s period of rule many of the ongoing children’s culture projects are made permanent. The aim of the sustainable structures is that the right to culture is secured for every child despite their location of residence, wealth or need for special care and support.

2) From pocket money to diamonds – a decent funding for children’s culture

The quality work in children’s cultural centers and its extent in the area’s municipalities is secured by adding their annual funding from 1,4 million euros to 2,4 million euros.

3) Nobody should be left outside – with co-operation towards inclusive children’s culture

The actualization of children’s cultural rights and children’s right to art and culture despite one’s location of residence, abilities and need for support is secured. Children who need special care and support, the children who live far from the public services, economically disadvantaged children and children with other challenges are taken into account when planning and funding new cultural services and re-modelling existing ones.

More information:

Aleksi Valta, director
The Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers
tel. 040 820 5425

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