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Tampere Paper 2019: Implementation of Children’s Cultural Rights


The first International Children’s Culture Forum gathered in Tampere, Finland, on September 30th and October 1st, 2019. The forum focused on inclusion in culture and arts education, as well as the implementation of children’s cultural rights. During the forum, the international panel of researchers and practitioners shared their perspectives and formed a consensus on the central role of rich and diverse children’s culture and arts, as well as culture education for building a well-functioning and democratic society. The scholars and practitioners stressed that the child is an active agent in their own life and an active contributor and creator of culture. Furthermore, the panel of participants identified that the key challenge in implementing children’s cultural rights is to ensure and secure meaningful participation and engagement for all children. The following recommendations target the six critical issues in this task:

  1. Securing every child’s right to participation
  2. Advancing multi-professional co-operation and partnerships
  3. Understanding diversity and the advancement of wellbeing
  4. Encouraging critical thinking and self-expression
  5. Building and supporting sustainable communities
  6. Arts education and cultural education founded on current research


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